so how's it going? Good.

Lets lose the meaningless Bull

It's the knee jerk standard retort that means absolutely nothing. It's what you expect to hear and you ignore the reply. So we won't waste your time with industry platitudes and the useless agency jingoistic nonsense used to gratify potential clients. We won't waste your money either. We are highly skilled, industry proven individuals who have come together to consolidate a rock-solid creative platform to solve your immediate promotional needs.


Branding and Identity

Lets see how you see yourself, your services and products. From this understanding we develop an approach based on our collective creativity to bring a stand alone image to your enterprise



Its not what you say but how you say it; being forthright and concise is the hallmark of effective copy. Be understood.


research and analysis

Our reserarch abilities are second to none, we know how to find what you need to become empowered above and beyond your competition.


trends and marketing

Predicting the future, media speculates all the time, but what value does it have if it is not factual? Our collective skills give you the best chance to be ready in the market at the right time.



Hitting the bull's-eye takes more than just practice and skill, it takes a determined mindset and tenacity in one's approach. We help you on your way.



We produce consistent results for our clients in a way that gives us pride in the work we do. Your success is our future.

WE ARE a revolution

You think how you are promoting yourself and how you have done it so far has worked just fine. Wrong. It hasn't worked. We are your Che Guevara. Call us and lets let's make things happen.

guerrilla tactics not cavalry

Your market insurrection requires focussed attention from driven internationally accredited creative individuals and not a collection of overpaid corporate team players in a ridiculous downtown tower, business expense (your money), lifestyle. Get real, this is 2020 not 1920 and to win an image war you have to break the rules and invent new ones.

Occidental Oil, Destination Labrador, Government of Taiwan, Government of Nova Scotia Tourism, Shell, Elf Enterprise Oil, Bank of Scotland, Harper Collins, CBC, British Council, Fuji Professional Division.

- Michael Hockney CEO - Chief Photographer.

Art Editor and designer of British Airways News, Amber Books, Gastronomica, Ulrich Engler, RAF Museum, Izli Sports, Volpe, Seven Squared, Fuller's Magazine,Publicis Blueprint,UBM/CMP Business.

- Rick Fawcett CDO - Chief Designer.

We source the very best creative individuals in all the disciplines essential to a modern promotional campaign.

-Social Media.